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12th-Feb-2009 10:27 am
I feel horrible. And I'm sure everyone thinks I'm hungover from the stupid work party last night with the even lamer afterparty. But I'm not. I knew I had to wake up and be at work all day today, so I babysat one beer the whole night and didn't even finish it. I was attempting responsibility. I almost wish I was hungover because at least this sickness would be self inflicted, you know? Like I would know it was my fault and my consequence for being stupid. :( But I wasn't stupid and now I'm just sick. Regular sick, on top of having a cold. I took some tylenol for cramps earlier and threw it up. I drank some Gatorade and took two ibuprofens (since i had thrown the tylenol up earlier) and I threw that up. I think it might have been from taking medicine on an empty stomach. Maybe I should eat but I don't want to throw up again.... :(

Much love.

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